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The NeoStem Ecosystem is a diverse group of stakeholders representing business, industry, museums, non-profits, arts organizations and coalitions, after-school clubs, libraries, higher education, K-12 schools, parents, students and people committed to creating meaningful opportunities that encourage students to unleash their creativity in ways that can change their worlds and our communities.
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OVERVIEW: The NeoStem Ecosystem, now in its third year, has become an established vehicle for bringing together diverse groups to collaborate for ways of increasing students’ access to, engagement with and excitement for science, technology, engineering, math and computer science (STEM+C. ) The NeoStem Ecosystem, which has grown organically to include more than 50 different organizations, is filling an important void in Northeast Ohio as the recognized convener for those working in this space.

It has developed a tiered sponsorship fee for for-profit organizations who choose to join.