The NeoSTEM Ecosystem is a collaboration of many organizations throughout Northeast Ohio who partner to improve STEM educational opportunities for all students. Formed in 2014, the goals of the NeoSTEM Ecosystem are to improve meaningful STEM learning opportunities for all students in the Northeast Ohio region.

As one of 94 ecosystems operating as a part of the STEM Learning Ecosystems Community of Practice, the NeoSTEM Ecosystem holds regular virtual and in-person meetings to learn about what community educational needs are and to develop solutions for those needs.

Much of the work of the NeoSTEM Ecosystem involves collaboration. One organization may have a program; another organization has a need. The NeoSTEM Ecosystem provides the architecture to enable the sharing to happen.

Occasionally, the NeoSTEM Ecosystem also works to create responsive programming. This happens when there is a community educational need and no immediate solution. The leadership of the NeoSTEM Ecosystem would survey partners and develop solutions based on what partners can contribute.


Join the NeoSTEM Ecosystem

To learn more about the NeoSTEM Ecosystem, please reach out to Ebony Hood at

The mission of the NeoStem Ecosystem:

The NEOSTEM (Northeast Ohio) Ecosystem is a diverse coalition for science, technology, engineering, math and computational science. The Ecosystem inspires engagement and coordination in STEM+C fields and expands equitable access to high quality education for all. The intent is to create a powerful life-long continuum of STEM+C learning opportunities that promotes a more prosperous and sustainable community.

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