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Programs and Intiatives

Programs and Intiatives

Remake Learning Days

NEOStem Ecosystems will be participating in Remake Learning Days, a national celebration and clearinghouse of innovative learning and engagement, May 15-17, 2021. This is a great opportunity to put into practice what we’ve learned about education, social systems, and learning equity through our redesign process, while highlighting the important work we are doing in Northeastern Ohio. We’re asking that you consider participating by designing a unique, hands-on learning event open to all in the communities we serve. These events should be designed to “spark creativity, perseverance, and curiosity,” through equitable community engagement.

Members can start by filling out the form linked here, outlining the idea, anticipating need, audience, and resources necessary, and Tim Francisco, consultant on the project, will work with each group to map out details and connect resources.

Events can be virtual or face-to-face, and should engage one of six Learning Themes: Arts, Maker, Outdoor Learning, Science, Technology, Youth Voice, and Professional Development. Explore the website to get a better sense of the terrific work being done across the country, and for inspiration for your own organizations.

We can use this national forum to create and showcase events that put into practice much of what we’ve learned as educators and activists about equity, community, and creativity during the pandemic, and to co-create a vision of what our learning communities will be and do moving forward.

The National Kick-Off is October 13, 2020, so we will need to have our events lined up with dates and descriptions well before then, so once we have a commitment from all of you, we’ll move ahead with regular planning meetings and updates.


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In mid-March 2020, leaders of the Old Brooklyn Community Development Corporation identified a real problem: Many of the businesses operating in their community had little or no online presence. With the state shut down because of the COVID-19 pandemic and businesses unable to welcome customers, this threatened financial ruin for those businesses who were operating strictly as brick-and-mortar operations.

At the same time, Cleveland school principals were noting that some of their students were not attending online classes and instead were seeking whatever work they could find to help support their families.

NeoSTEM leaders developed Wir’ED to respond to the needs of the business owners and the students. Wir’ED, a pilot, paired eight students with businesses in Old Brooklyn to teach the business owners basics of online operations and navigation. In the six-week pilot, the students were paid $100 per week to coach the business owners, virtually, to develop an online presence for their business.

The results of the pilot were promising, with students and business owners each reporting a great deal of success and satisfaction.

Business owners created Facebook pages, Google business profiles and several also built websites.
Additionally, marketing professionals from throughout the region joined the initiative to help coach the students and the business owners.

One student who participated in the pilot described the experience as life-changing for her: “I had never been asked to teach anyone anything before. This has really built my confidence and helped me realize that I have important contributions to make.”

Other students commented about the important community connections that they made.

NeoSTEM is seeking additional funding to launch another cohort in Cleveland in 2020-2021.

Please contact Alyssa Briggs for more information about the project –

Read more about the Wir’Ed project.


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A program connecting Cleveland’s brick and mortar business owners with students to improve online marketing for the businesses.

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StartSOLE Virtual

Looking to facilitate synchronous virtual inquiry?

StartSOLE Virtual

We know that many of you are not able to be with your students in person, and we’re working to provide solutions. Our newest addition is StartSOLE Virtual – a synchronous video conferencing tool for self-organized learning. We’re providing access to this for all educators in Ohio & Pennsylvania to help you stay connected.

Want to Learn More?

In collaboration with the Ohio STEM Learning Network we will be offering a series of webinars so you can spend an hour with Dr. Jeff McClellan to learn how to incorporate StartSOLE Virtual into your plans.  Join us any Tuesday or Wednesday from 12-1 PM EST during the next three weeks to learn more.  Register today to save your spot!


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