Learners in Northeast Ohio have been asking big questions and  looking for answers — in all sorts of places.

Students Can Change the World – Learn more about the WE School of Innovation

New school uses computer science to teach big topics – Cleveland’s John Marshall High School students, faculty and its principal talk about the learning experience.

Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Computational Science Education is alive and well throughout our region.

  The following list is a small sampling of some of the many organizations on the radar of the NeoStem Ecosystem. The list will continue to grow.

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The Boys and Girls Club of Cleveland

The Boys and Girls Club of Cleveland is dedicated to help children reach their full potential. The clubs offer a wide range of programming, including many related to STEM. The Club supports “healthy lifestyles, academic success, character-building and leadership development.” Read more about the Club’s programs.

The Boys and Girls Club of the Western Reserve

The Boys and Girls Club of the Western Reserve provides out-of-school programming for nearly 1,000 Akron children. While meals, companionship and sports are an important part of what the club offers, the club’s leaders have been using STEM+C to inspire and engage the youth. Read more about the programming.

The Breakthrough Schools

The Breakthrough Schools is the state’s highest performing network of charter schools. All of the schools that are a part of the network are devoted to preparing students for success in life. The schools embrace hands-on learning and have joined the NEOSTEM network. Learn more about the various models of Breakthrough Schools.

The Center for Arts-Inspired Learning

The Center for Arts-Inspired Learning combines art and education to help students learn in new and exciting ways and to embrace creativity. Their out-of-school time programs range from music and painting to digital storytelling. Learn more about the organization and its offerings here.

Great Lakes Biomimicry

Great Lakes Biomimicry seeks to harness the power of nature to change Northeast Ohio’s economy. The organization’s website explains its mission, “By embedding biomimicry into the educational system and helping businesses solve problems using nature-inspired innovations, we intend to turn Northeast Ohio into the Silicon Valley of biomimicry.” Read more here, including information about upcoming workshops and events.

Great Lakes Science Center

With its broad mission to “make science, technology, engineering, and math come alive,” the Great Lakes Science Center has a large array of offerings for people of all ages. From summer camps to special events and permanent exhibits, the Great Lakes Science Center is engineered to increase the role that science, technology, engineering and math play in people’s lives and their decision-making. Learn more about the Great Lakes Science Center here.

As a non-profit organization, our STEM and invention education experiences are built around the mission and on the foundation of the National Inventors Hall of Fame. Our curriculum engages and challenges students to ideate, design, and create solutions to real-world problems presented to them by real-life, world-changing women and men who have made innovation and inventing their life’s work, our inductees.

OSU Extension 4-H Clubs

With a strong emphasis on hands-on learning, the 4-H Youth Development Clubs operated by the Ohio State University Extension have been offering students important lessons in leadership, communication and collaboration. All of this is been done with a heavy reliance on STEM. Learn more about the 4-H Youth Development programs.

The Summit Educational Service Center

The Summit Educational Service Center is composed of industry-leading professionals who are committed to proactively delivering the resources and services your district needs. You can rely on us for a quick response and the solutions you need. We are your professional, proactive, partner.

Read more here.

RITE – Regional Information Technology Engagement

RITE champions IT career development through dynamic engagement, programs and partnerships that help to attract, prepare and place IT talent.
In addition to robust engagement with industry-lead IT thought leadership, RITE works with employers and IT organizations region-wide to offer students a dynamic range of IT career exploration offerings.

Read more here.

Tech Corps

TECH CORPS is a nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring K-12 students have equal access to technology programs, skills and resources that enhance early learning and prepare them for college and career. TECH CORPS develops technology programs and deploys tech-savvy talent to assist K-12 schools and youth-serving organizations across the country.

Read more here.

SEEING CLEARLY – The children who participate in the Boys and Girls Club of the Western Reserve have full days of experimenting.