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The NeoSTEM Ecosystem, through its DreamSTEM initiative, is building a directory of STEM assets in our region and wants to include you and any programs or opportunities you have to offer learners and families in Northeast Ohio.

The opportunities can focus on PreK to 12 or beyond.

Do you have a summer camp, a one-day STEM event or an overnight opportunity?

Do you need funders, students, families and others to know about your STEM opportunities?

NeoSTEM, a collaboration of dozens of different Northeast Ohio non-profits, museums, K-12, higher education, businesses and philanthropies, is seeking your information for STEMMAP.ORGTM.

STEMMAP.ORGTM will become a public tool for families, educators, funders and others who want to understand what STEM opportunities and programs exist in our region.

Here are the Simple Steps to Follow to Ensure that Your Work is Included in STEMMAP.ORGTM:

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Do You Already Have a Website Where You Share Information About Your Programs or Opportunities? Or, Do You Use a Content Management System to Work With That Data?

If yes, we can automatically connect your information to STEMMAP.ORGTM.

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If You Don’t Have a Website with Information, Don’t Worry. We have a simple Spreadsheet You Can Use for Sharing Information.

The sample spreadsheet is here. You can download it, complete the fields, using the example sheet as a model and return it to


VISION – Dream STEM’s data work will increase the visibility of STEM opportunities through a broad, searchable and accessible system that categorizes STEM assets for students, families, businesses, non-profits, service providers and others with a goal of improving underrepresented STEM talent, diversity, equity and inclusion. Database access will be made available through digital, print, and other means. This map and accompanying analysis will allow the NEOSTEM Ecosystem and partners to determine and address STEM access gaps in Northeast Ohio.


In addition to providing assets as points on a map, STEMMAP.ORGTM will develop a database of STEM educational opportunities that is relevant to the STEM needs of the people living in Northeast Ohio. We will work to disseminate this information electronically, sharing links with any interested stakeholder.

The DreamSTEM team believes that the participatory Asset Mapping and the results that it produces can act as a medium of empowerment, promoting research by and for community members actively seeking to strengthen our community.


Build on and expand existing community strengths

Facilitate community involvement in research and action

Generate a shared awareness and understanding of Northeast Ohio’s STEM assets

Manage opportunities, community development, and planning

Identify and potentially increase capacity within Northeast Ohio


A DreamSTEM committee worked through the Spring and Summer of 2021 to identify the goals of the Asset Mapping project, to design what the process looks like and to launch the massive data recruitment effort.

Members of the committee:

  • Rome Busa, Adult Programs Specialist, College Now Greater Cleveland
  • Courtney DeOreo, Executive Director, RITE
  • Emily Fein, Chief Operating Officer, Girl Scouts of Northeast Ohio
  • Kendrea Gardiner, Chief Performance Officer, Jumpstart, Inc.
  • Stacey Gepperths, Out-of-School TIme Specialist, Starting Point
  • Mike Glavin, Senior Director of Talent Solutions Greater Cleveland Partnership
  • John Graves, Chief Financial Officer, Girl Scouts of Northeast Ohio
  • Laura Hudak, Vice President of Finance and Administration, Team NEO
  • Janine Kaiser, Director of Cleveland Innovation Project Talent Initiative, Fund for Our Economic Future
  • Subhit Kodapully, Manager of Management Information Systems, Starting Point
  • Me’lani Labat Joseph, Principal, Transformative Innovations LLC
  • Julie Michael Smith, Vice President, Vistat AST
  • Julie Szeltner, Senior Director of Adult Programs, College Now Greater Cleveland
  • Dean Trilling, Business Engagement and Operations Consultant, RITE

The tool that the committee chose to use for the data collection is called STEMMAP.ORGTM and was jointly developed by Institutional Memories of Youngstown, Ohio, along with support from TIES.