Apr 02

WIR’ED Teams Dig Deep (for Hashtags)

Students continue to develop business marketing plans

CLEVELAND – Students, shopkeepers, and marketing professionals gathered online to update their progress on the WIR’ED initiative, a program pairing students and marketing professionals with business owners to improve the businesses’ online presence during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Adrienne Sabo, founder and creative director at Clever, LLC, a Youngstown-based marketing firm, led a short lesson on the students’ use of hashtags in their work.

“In their simplest form, hashtags are really just a tool that we use to connect social media content to either a specific topic, content, theme, or conversation,” Sabo said. “It’s just a way of connecting things, and all of the social media platforms use them.”

Sabo taught the students to use ritetag.com, a free, web-based tool that lets users track hashtags across social media platforms. Sabo used ritetag.com to explain the dos and don’ts of hashtag use to students, emphasizing that while the right hashtag can improve a social media post’s visibility, the wrong hashtag can bury it.

“Most importantly, you want to do your research to find relevant hashtags to your content,” Sabo said.

WIR’ED teams will continue to meet weekly through March, with the next meeting scheduled for March 8.

For more information, contact Alyssa Lenhoff-Briggs at alyssabriggs@tiesteach.org.

Meeting date: March 1, 2021