Apr 02

WIR’ED Teams Near the Finish Line

Students and shopkeepers finalize work as the WIR’ED initiative nears completion

CLEVELAND – With only one week left, Old Brooklyn and East Cleveland students and shopkeepers gathered online to discuss their final work for the WIR’ED project, an initiative designed to increase the shopkeepers’ online presence during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the second-to-last meeting, the WIR’ED teams – composed of high school students, marketing professionals, and business owners – updated their progress and began planning final reports of their work.

Mel McGee, founder of We Can Code It, said she is looking forward to the reports. “I’m so excited to allow all of you the opportunity to really share out next week,” McGee said. “We will each have time to reflect upon what we have done and learned.”

Conceived in March 2020 by NeoSTEM, with support from others, WIR’ED seeks to respond to the needs of brick-and-mortar businesses with little or no online presence struggling to operate in the increasingly socially distanced and online world triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Martha Holden Jennings Foundation and Case Western Reserve University partnered to provide funding for the project.

Businesses participating in the second pilot project are Bill Kap Piano, David’s Challenge Young Achievers Ohio, the East Cleveland Neighborhood Center, the Falafel Café, Gus’s Old Brooklyn Family Restaurant, the Historical Society of Old Brooklyn, the JDL Treat and Flower Shoppe, and the Northeast Ohio Alliance for Hope.

WIR’ED teams will gather for their final meeting, scheduled for March 22.

For more information, contact Alyssa Lenhoff-Briggs at alyssabriggs@tiesteach.org.

Meeting date: March 15, 2021